Taking the price tag off

As of late I have been intensively purging my closet to see what I have accumulated.  Unfortunately while I have been rediscovering items and getting more outfit ideas, I realized that I needed to streamline my shopping.   The problem became apparent when I was finding items with the tags on it.  On the positive side, one of the items that still had the price tag on it is featured in this post.


This dressy beige jacket is from the H&M Trend spring collection.  The jacket is shaped like a boxy-cut motorcycle jacket and moto-style jackets are still popular this season.  The striped blouse underneath is also from H&M Trend and can be worn over a maxi dress to add more visual interest.


The pants are the Jamie jeans from Topshop and the navy blue velvet flats are Belle by Sigerson Morrison.  beige&stripebraid4beige&stripebraidacc

I did my hair in a braid and these vintage-style earrings that are from H&M Divided.  This outfit is styled for an office that has a business casual dress code so I kept the accessories to a minimum.

Next post, I will show how you can use the same outfit for the weekend with a few simple tweaks.


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