Philip Lim for Target Collection

The Philip Lim for Target collaboration was anticipated to match or to surpass the frenzy the Missoni collection created back in 2011.  If it was anything like the experience I had this morning waiting in line to get one of the covet bags, it’s safe to say that the predictions were true.



I was at Target in Coquitlam Centre at 3:30 am and was the first in line.  There were 4 people that arrived before me but they were waiting in the car and came out after I showed up.

target3 Part of my outfit

I passed the time by reading some fashion articles, playing games on my cellphone and walking up and down the sidewalk to keep the circulation in my legs going.  Also, I was talking to the people that were waiting behind me and we were discussing what items we wanted to grab from the collection.

Being by myself (having no partner to back me up), I didn’t sleep that night except for the 20 minutes that  I purposely laid down next to the garbage can, using my fringe bag as a pillow.

Target finally opened their doors at 8 am and there were people running for the collection.  Of course I ran the wrong way and ended up not getting the bag I wanted.  I was so disappointed and in the span of 5 minutes, the racks were almost cleaned out.  It was a given both the women and men accessories were snatched first.


The people that were waiting with me from the beginning managed to grab some of the collection and when they realized that I didn’t get the bag I wanted, they had two of the purses and gave me one.  There are no words at that moment that could express how thankful and happy that these people who I met only 5 hours prior gave me the bag.

Many people were approaching their cart, trying to trade for the bag they wanted.  I left them alone and went back to the collection to see what was left.  In the end, I bought the bag, the navy blue skirt that I also wanted and the “Boom” scarf.


Isn’t the bag pretty?

Verdict on the whole experience? This is not my first time doing this, I waited for the Jimmy Choo for H&M collection from 4:30 pm to 10 am, in November when it was absolutely freezing so this is easy compared to that time. I did get my bag but only by the kindness of the people who were waiting there with me.

There was not much stock (maybe about 5 bags per style) and the whole collection was not available like the tuxedo pants and blazer for women. Target Canada didn’t seem to realize how big this collection was going to be since there was no limit to how many items could be brought by one person (re-sellers) and the lack of control over crowd.

Reading articles comparing experiences across Canada, I wasn’t the only one miffed that they were not organized to actually let the people who waited longer to get first dibs on the merchandise.  Target Canada will hopefully learn for next year’s designer collaboration.

More articles:,0,5121095.story–7-000-items-available-Ebay.html


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