The Blues (part one)

Hey, hey!  Sorry for being MIA,  this month has been (still)  busy with moving to a new place and getting a new job.  On another note, last post I said the weather in Vancouver was going to be gloomy, not the case.  It has been a mixed bag of sunshine and gloom that I would take over rain any day.

The Clothes: H&M Trend bomber jacket, H&M Trend tank top, Textile by Elizabeth and James jeans, 




The Accessories:  Zara Woman shoes, Expression Cross earrings, sunglasses from Used on Granville Street, various bracelets (see previous posts)




This outfit is a balance of casual and dressy.  Without the accessories, the outfit would have been plain.  The shoes are the killer details and I have been lusting after them for a while but they were sold out.  Imagine my surprise when I found them at the consignment store, in brand new condition at half of the price.  Sometimes things are meant to come into closet.  What are some of your unexpected finds that you thought you would never own?


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