The Parker Building Sample Sale


Get ready for your bank account to be emptied, Black Friday is here and one of the best sample sales is happening right now!!

I went after work to the sample sale today and I ended up only going to three agencies because I ran out of time.  Great time to pick up some unique Christmas gifts but you need lots of time to look!!

20131128_190729Editor Agency:  One sale not to be missed, they had a $5 jewelry table and purses for $10.20131128_18570120131128_181718

Skout Agency: 50% off the wholesale price!!!  They had wicked leather boots but I hold myself back…even though they were black motorcycle boots with skull studs all over.

20131128_190658Tension Clothing:  This showroom offered other Canadian women and children lines at deep discounts.

Again, that was the only three sales I manage to visit, I didn’t even get to the second floor.  Get going to the Parker building sample sale and you won’t regret it!! Except maybe your bank account.  Happy bargain hunting!


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