Lots of jewelry, many options…

How can one tell if one has too much jewelry?  If one decides to do a post about the many ways to store/display said acquired jewelry.

ikea m

Ah, let’s do the traditional way of organizing….out of sight and out of mind is the motto here for this particular Ikea Malm piece.  It has 6 drawers and the top opens with a built-in mirror.  It’s a great way to display studded earrings and the mirror  makes it quick to see what pair of earrings will go with the outfit of the day.  This practical cabinet comes in 5 finishes and is easy to assemble.

Find it at any Ikea or search for Malm online at http://www.ikea.com.



Another practical and cute way to organize jewelry is this Umbra Little Black Dress Hanging Jewelry Holder.  It’s a great way to utilize the back of door especially if there isn’t much space.  Most of my necklaces are hung with velcro loops on one side and the other side has little pockets for bracelets and other various items.

Amazon does carry this product at http://www.amazon.ca/Umbra-Little-Hanging-Jewelry-Organizer/dp/B005OQFLM2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1387434980&sr=8-1&keywords=jewellry  but once in a while this can be found at HomeSense/Winners.


These little racks were found by my mom at Value Village.  Originally, I think these were meant for grilling or for a toaster over since my mom found them in the kitchen section.  For $1.99 each, they have been re-purposed to hang earrings.  Again, this is utilizing space on the walls and one can quickly find the right pair of earrings.


Isn’t the ceramic Mexican skull great?  The skull gives the shelf and ring holders some colour to offset the amount of rings I have.  In the back is another earring holder that was brought at Daiso (Japanese dollar store).  The white branch ring holder was a gift from my boyfriend and was brought at CB2 (Crate & Barrel’s funkier store).  The Eiffel Tower is actually a souvenir from Paris turned into a ring holder.  Another re-purposing an item into something useful.


Can you guess what this jewelry holder originally was?  This is a Ikea lampshade that was left in the free pile at my work.  I was going to take it home and place it on a lamp but I saw the pile of jewelry that was on the bathroom counter.  Some push pins into the lampshade and it’s another way to display and organize one’s jewelry.

Hope this gives some ideas in how to organize jewelry!!  Leave a comment down below if you want to know about a piece of jewelry that was shown or how you organize your jewelry!!


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