The Classic White Shirt and Blue Jeans

whitetee5 whitetee1whitetee4 whitetee3 whitetee0 whiteteeOh! Fooled you didn’t I?  Reading the title above, one may be expecting a basic v-neck or crew neck t-shirt.  I like to think that made you did a double take at the neckline of the shirt.  I’m always on the search for the perfect white t-shirt and I did a gasp when I saw it on the rack.  The mock neck and the cut of the t-shirt are great updates to spice up the classic white shirt.

Clothing:  H&M Trend for Man Cardigan, H&M Trend t-shirt, Topshop “Jamie” jeans


White shirt and blue jeans is just a blank canvas to add whatever accessories or shoes to either dress it up or down.  I decided to go with these Cobra Society boots I found at a resale shop called “Mine and Yours”  These boots are a substitute for the Pamela Love x Nine West collaboration boots that I couldn’t get my hands on.  The ring was a found in Mexico’s equivalent of Forever21 and the studs are fake shark teeth.

Accessories:  Arrow ring from Mexico, Shark Teeth Studs from JewelMint, Cobra Society boots brought at “Mine and Yours”

I’m going to spend the rest of my weekend doing absolutely nothing, have a fun weekend everyone!!


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