Charlotte Olympia at Hudson’s Bay

On the SkyTrain last Friday morning, I was looking through my Instagram feed when I saw the post by Hudson’s Bay that Charlotte Olympia was appearing that day from 12 – 3 only. My mouth dropped, one of my favorite shoe designers is doing a personal appearance and I didn’t know about it?!?  I was determined to go to the Bay on my lunch to see Charlotte Olympia Dellal. Who needs to eat when there’s an opportunity to see the creator of the Kitty flats? Lunchtime comes and I’m on my way to the Bay. I do love the fact that my workplace is in the heart of downtown so I’m able to attend events like these.

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The event was being held at The Room on the  third floor and I was greeted with Charlotte Olympia shoes and clutches set in a cheerful decor.


They were taking Polaroids for people with a Charlotte Olympia mermaid cut-out so of course I had to do it!  I believe that the Polaroids were provided for people who didn’t buy a pair of shoes but want an autograph.


Here it is!  After waiting in line, I got to finally meet one of the most creative minds in the shoes biz.  I express my delight ( aka overly happy) that she designed the Chinese Zodiac Calendar shoes because it was hard to find anything cute with a Rooster motif to wear.  She responded back with “Are you a Rooster because I’m a Rooster, too!”  Also, she asked if I liked the colour of the flats because she put more thought into choosing the right colour.



I think they are the perfect pair of Rooster shoes; bright and a little eccentric.  It was really great to meet Charlotte Olympia Dellah and she was very friendly!  There is one bad result from this event, the list of shoes I want to buy keeps getting longer and longer!

Have a very happy rest of the week everyone!


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