Kate Moss x Topshop

IMG_8751IMG_8760IMG_8784 IMG_8780IMG_8770IMG_8752 IMG_8758

After a 4 year hiatus, Kate Moss has launched another capsule collection with Topshop. This time it’s a different story because instead of envying the Brits, the collection is available locally since Topshop opened a Vancouver branch in October 2012.

Previewing the collection online, I was not very impressed as some of the pieces I felt were recycled from previous collections.  But when Kate Moss said that she took inspiration from her closet, it made more sense as to why some of the pieces look familiar.  For example, the lace dress is similarly familiar to her wedding dress that John Galliano designed.

I still ended up getting a dress and pants because the fit is amazing.  Lesson learned (but never remembered):  don’t try on clothes if you were not planning to purchase.

This dress however is the type of dress I pick up in vintage/thrift stores but the fit isn’t right.  An easy dress to throw in my bag to change into after work and wrinkles are meant for this dress.  This isn’t a prissy dress, this is a dress for jumping around in and for going out with the right accessories.

See the collection in-store or online at http://www.topshop.com or the Canadian version at www.thebay.com/Topshop

Clothing:  Kate Moss x Topshop Embroided Smock dress

Accessories:  Vintage bone bracelet purchased from Used on Granville St., Giles & Brother “Ceres” bracelet, Vintage camera-style bag ($1.99)! purchased from Value Village, Vintage western-style shoes purchased from Front & Co.



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