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New hair, new perspective.  Isn’t how that saying goes?  This is the first time that I have gotten reddish highlights in my hair.  (or as my hairdresser calls it, “Cherry Copper.”)  I didn’t know who was more excited about getting red in my hair, me or my hairdresser!  To have red highlights in my hair was something else again that I was very adverse to doing.  I blame it on the girls (and boys) while I was growing up during the 90s that did the red chunks in their hair.  Now it’s good-bye blond and hello red!

That being said, I noticed that the last couple of posts was in the colours (shades for you purists) of black and white.  This outfit is the opposite of black and white; a mixture of patterns that surprisingly looks good together.  A beige feather-like pattern with a Guatemala-inspired scarf and a periwinkle-reptilian purse?  sure!

Clothing:  Wilfred silk tank top by Aritzia (Mine&Yours), Fletcher pants from Urban Outfitters, Selected by Femme cardigan (Hudson Bay)

Accessories: Boyfriend watch from Marc Jacobs, Triangle earrings gifted from boyfriend in San Franciso, Rebecca Minkoff MAC purse (Holt Renfrew), Silver flats by Coach, Scarf by Forever21

Hair:  Kimiko Stella from Heartbreaker Salon (629 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC: 604-875-0079)


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