front lookingdownside cutoffbackbagsidedownsandals  A couple of weeks ago Kraftwerk, a German electronic music band, came to Vancouver to play at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.  They haven’t been back to Vancouver since 1975 so my boyfriend was so excited to see them.  I’m not into this type of music but a 3D concert by a legendary group who pioneered this music genre sounds pretty sick.  The concert was amazing and these guys still can put on a great show.

I do try to dress for the occasion but in this instance I went with comfort.  Arguably this could be a uniform of mine for the summer, an oversized button-down shirt(which can be worn as a jacket because of the pockets) over a tanktop, vintage Levi’s cut-off shorts (found at Value Village for $3.99!) with a bright totebag created from a local company out of recycled sails.  What’s so great about this bag besides being made of recycled sails is the fact that it is washable.  Mustard stains will be easy to wash out.

Clothing:  Button-down shirt by Topshop (sale at Topshop!), Vintage Levi’s cut-off shorts from Value Village, Tanktop by H&M Trend

Accessories:  Necklace by H&M, Bracelet by Giles & Brother, Watch by Marc by Marc Jacobs, Double buckle belt by H&M, Sandals by H&M ($5! Sale! Sale!), Tote bag  by Red Flag Design from Redfish Kids


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