Finding Balance

sideview sideyellowlookdownyellow hardstare2closepants hairup1holdhairup

It seems lately that I’m having more and more difficulty finding some sort of balance in my life.  For example, I would like to workout more than once a week, update the blog more often, even have a day to myself but it seems time just slips away.

My feelings as of late (and the hot weather) has got me to gravitate towards loose-fitting pants and tank tops.  These pants are a favorite of mine because they still give one a nice shape and can be dressed up with heels.

Next on my ever-ending agenda is to go away for a couple of days without telling anyone and turning off my cellphone.  What do you do to get away from it all?

Clothing:  Tank top by Plenty, Floral pants by Steve Alan from Mine&Yours

Accessories:  Earrings by Forever21, bracelets by J.Crew (50% off sale prices!), Rail nail bracelet by Giles and Brother, Tote bag  by Red Flag Design, Sandals by Zara 



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