That French girl feeling…

frenchgirl5 - Copy
frenchgirl2 - Copy

Clothing:  T-shirt by A.P.C. (Olive and Lily), Jeans by Jbrand (Mine & Yours)

Accessories:  Silver moon ring (vintage), Railroad spike bracelet by Giles and Brother, Ankle boots by Unif (Mine & Yours)

Makeup:  “Nacho Cheese Explosion” lipglass by MAC for The Simpsons Collection.


In Vancouver, I’ve only ever found A.P.C. clothing in consignment or resale shops till I attended the Vitamin Daily Sidewalk Soiree that happened on September 8th.  While the shop “Olive and Lily” hadn’t received their A.P.C. fall collection yet, I found this over-sized shirt in the sales rack after my second round of the shops.  I was drawn to the dandelions (or bursts of fireworks) print on the shirt and it’s in my favorite neutral black!  It could have been the combination of sugar & wine that was flowing at the soiree but I felt like such a French girl in this shirt.  Also, I broke down and brought the Simpsons lipglass as some of you already know if you follow me on Instagram.  Loving the nude look with this lipglass but wishing it was nacho cheese flavour as well.  Ah, you can’t have everything.

What are some of your favorite French brands or do you have a piece in your closet that makes you feel French?

For more information about the Vitamin Daily Sidewalk Soiree:

(on a side note:  if you go to Vitamin Daily’s homepage, the link picture for the post-party wrap is my face with a very tasty cotton candy from Petite Puf)


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