Paisley’s Identity Crisis


Recently I went to the Value Village on Hastings with my boyfriend for a date.  I didn’t expect to find anything in that particular location because it is always picked over.

But I found something, the thrifting gods found me something that fits and is paisley in the blazer section.  However, the weird thing is the label inside the jacket says it’s a dress.  At one point it may had been but it looks better as a jacket.  It’s a bit too (ahem) scandalous to be a dress in its current form with only 3 fasteners on the front.

My rule for thrifting/ vintage shopping (so that my closet is not totally out of control) is if the item fits and if I will wear it in my everyday life I will buy it.   Repeat this rule after me like a mantra (even if it’s going to hurt to let that piece go) because there will be more money for other, better things. (Or paying the bills, that’s important too).

Clothing:  Vintage Liz Claiborne paisley jacket/dress (Value Village), Zara leather motorcycle jacket, JCrew silk tank top, All Saints boyfriend jeans (Mine and Yours)

Accessories:  Eye earrings (Front and Company), Catseye London “Pug” Cosmetics bag (Front and Company), Vintage belt (Front and Company), J.Crew Everly Pumps


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